Lafert Motor Wiring Diagram

Transformer Two coils of wire linked by an iron core. Transformers are used to step up (increase) and step down (decrease) AC voltages. Energy is transferred between the coils by the magnetic field in the core, there is no electrical connection between the coils.

Teaching about the functioning of electrical circuits is often on primary and secondary school curricula.[10] Students are expected to understand the rudiments of circuit diagrams and their functioning. Use of diagrammatic representations of circuit diagrams can aid understanding of principles of electricity.

Circuit diagrams show the connections as clearly as possible with all wires drawn neatly as straight lines. The actual layout of the components is usually quite different from the circuit diagram and this can be confusing for the beginner. The secret is to concentrate on the connections, not the actual positions of components.

Buzzer A transducer which converts electrical energy to sound.

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