Wire Harness Tape Wrapping Machine

Once the schematic has been made, it is converted into a layout that can be fabricated onto a printed circuit board (PCB). Schematic-driven layout starts with the process of schematic capture. The result is what is known as a rats nest. The rats nest is a jumble of wires (lines) criss-crossing each other to their destination nodes. These wires are routed either manually or automatically by the use of electronics design automation (EDA) tools. The EDA tools arrange and rearrange the placement of components and find paths for tracks to connect various nodes. This results in the final layout artwork for the integrated circuit or printed circuit board.[9]

Solar Cell Converts light to electrical energy. The larger line is positive (+).

Push-to-make switch A push switch allows current to flow only when the button is pressed. This is the switch used to operate a doorbell.

Battery Supplies electrical energy. A battery is more than one cell. The larger line is positive (+).

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