Eclipse Gsx Wiring Harness

DPST switch DPST = Double Pole, Single Throw. A dual on-off switch which is often used to switch mains electricity because it can isolate both the live and neutral connections.

Cell Supplies electrical energy. The larger line is positive (+). A single cell is often called a battery, but strictly speaking a battery is two or more cells joined together.

Principles of the physics of circuit diagrams are often taught with the use of analogies, such as comparing functioning of circuits to other closed systems such as water heating systems with pumps being the equivalent to batteries.[11]

Inductor, Coil, Solenoid A coil of wire which creates a magnetic field when current passes through it. There may be an iron core inside the coil. It can be used as a transducer converting electrical energy to mechanical energy by pulling on something magnetically.

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