Car Fuse Box Prices

Transformer Two coils of wire linked by an iron core. Transformers are used to step up (increase) and step down (decrease) AC voltages. Energy is transferred between the coils by the magnetic field in the core, there is no electrical connection between the coils.

Earth (Ground) A connection to earth. For some electronic circuits this symbol is used for the 0V (zero volts) of the power supply, but for mains electricity and some radio circuits it really means the earth. It is also known as ground.

Inductor, Coil, Solenoid A coil of wire which creates a magnetic field when current passes through it. There may be an iron core inside the coil. It can be used as a transducer converting electrical energy to mechanical energy by pulling on something magnetically.

Motor A transducer which converts electrical energy to kinetic energy (motion).

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