Wiring Diagram For Peugeot 206 Stereo

SPDT, 2-way switch SPDT = Single Pole, Double Throw. A 2-way changeover switch directs the flow of current to one of two routes according to its position. Some SPDT switches have a central off position and are described as on-off-on.

Principles of the physics of circuit diagrams are often taught with the use of analogies, such as comparing functioning of circuits to other closed systems such as water heating systems with pumps being the equivalent to batteries.[11]

Circuit symbols are used in circuit diagrams showing how a circuit is connected together. The actual layout of the components is usually quite different from the circuit diagram.

Drawing circuit diagrams is not difficult but it takes a little practice to draw neat, clear diagrams. This is a useful skill for science as well as electronics. You will certainly need to draw circuit diagrams if you design your own circuits.

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