Pulse Electric Scooter Wiring Diagram

Wires not joined In complex diagrams it is often necessary to draw wires crossing even though they are not connected. The simple crossing on the left is correct but may be misread as a join where the blob has been forgotten. The bridge symbol on the right leaves no doubt!

If the circuit is complex: Try to arrange the diagram so that signals flow from left to right: inputs and controls should be on the left, outputs on the right. You may omit the battery or power supply symbols, but you must include (and label) the supply lines at the top and bottom.

The circuit diagram and stripboard layout for the timer project are shown below - the circuit diagram is clearly different from the layout on stripboard.

DPST switch DPST = Double Pole, Single Throw. A dual on-off switch which is often used to switch mains electricity because it can isolate both the live and neutral connections.

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