Fuse Box Diagram W211

Follow these tips for best results: Use the correct symbol for each component. Draw wires as straight lines (use a ruler). Put a blob () at junctions. Label components such as resistors and capacitors with their values. The positive (+) supply should be at the top and the negative (-) supply at the bottom. The negative supply is usually labelled 0V, zero volts (this is explained on the voltage page. If you are drawing the diagram for science please see below about drawing the electronics way.

The circuit diagram and stripboard layout for the timer project are shown below - the circuit diagram is clearly different from the layout on stripboard.

Principles of the physics of circuit diagrams are often taught with the use of analogies, such as comparing functioning of circuits to other closed systems such as water heating systems with pumps being the equivalent to batteries.[11]

DPDT switch DPDT = Double Pole, Double Throw. This switch can be wired up as a reversing switch for a motor. Some DPDT switches have a central off position.

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