Where Is The Fuse Box In A 2000 Audi A4

Lamp (indicator) A transducer which converts electrical energy to light. This symbol is used for a lamp which is an indicator, for example a warning light on a car dashboard.

A generalized design flow may be as follows: Schematic → schematic capture → netlist → rats nest → routing → artwork → PCB development and etching → component mounting → testing.

Inductor, Coil, Solenoid A coil of wire which creates a magnetic field when current passes through it. There may be an iron core inside the coil. It can be used as a transducer converting electrical energy to mechanical energy by pulling on something magnetically.

Circuit diagrams for electronics are drawn with the positive (+) supply at the top and the negative (-) supply at the bottom. This can be helpful in understanding the operation of the circuit because the voltage decreases as you move down the circuit diagram.

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