Wiring Diagram For Chevrolet Starter

A circuit diagram is useful when testing a circuit and for understanding how it works. That is why instructions for projects usually include a circuit diagram as well as the stripboard or printed circuit board layout which you need to build the circuit.

A generalized design flow may be as follows: Schematic → schematic capture → netlist → rats nest → routing → artwork → PCB development and etching → component mounting → testing.

Lamp (lighting) A transducer which converts electrical energy to light. This symbol is used for a lamp providing illumination, for example a car headlamp or torch bulb.

If the circuit is complex: Try to arrange the diagram so that signals flow from left to right: inputs and controls should be on the left, outputs on the right. You may omit the battery or power supply symbols, but you must include (and label) the supply lines at the top and bottom.

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